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Playing Cards
Magic Porthole™ “First Collector’s Edition”

Magic Porthole™ Coral Reef Memory Game

Aces: Sharks.

2’s: Day and Night.

3’s: Symbiosis: Shrimp and Goby.

4’s: Color change.

5’s: Animals to treat with caution.

6’s: Adaptation, the Frogfish.

7’s: Clownfish.

8’s : Symbiosis

9’s: Camouflage.

10’s: Cleaning provided by Cleaner Shrimps.

Jacks: Cleaning provided by Cleaner Fish.

Queens: Fooling the parents.

Kings: Predators on the reef.

Jokers: Diving the Enchanted World.

Rules for playing the “Magic Porthole Coral Reef Memory” game on line alone or with your family and friends. Click on the cards to see descriptions on the backs and surprise videos.

Players take turns attempting to identify the reef creature and to provide additional facts.
Each back has facts such as the name of reef creature and location.
If you answer correctly, you win the card plus a point for every fact.
If you are challenged, the challenger loses a point for every unsuccessful challenge but wins the points if correct.

Note: You can always use less than a full pack if you want to play a game for a short time.

Collectible Ecoknowledge Cards

Additional cards will be sold in editions of 52 cards and in sets of four or more cards that can be interchanged with cards from any of the editions; adding to knowledge gained from the cards and to the challenge of playing the games, especially memory games. Enjoy playing your favorite games.
The Magic Porthole™ Ecoknowledge Card game is now available for purchase. See the Magic Porthole Shop page. They will be available in museums, aquaria and local stores. Start your collection with the “First Collector’s Edition.

Version 1:
52 playing cards with photographic images of coral reef creatures and 2 jokers. The images match those of the “Coral Reef Memory Game” below which have exciting details of the reef creatures’ lives and videos. All backs are the same.


Version 2:
52 playing cards with photographic images of coral reef creatures and 2 jokers. These cards match the front and back images of the “Coral Reef Memory Game” below. Each back has information about the species.


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